Who we are.

Compaxo BV is a family business of which the origin dates back five generations. Johannes van der Post opened a pork butchers shop for the locals in 1855 in the historic part of Gouda. Cornelis van der Post took the butchers shop over and expanded it such that people would come from far and wide to make their meat purchases. Together with his three sons the first export activities were started from this butchers shop. After the Second World War things moved quickly, in 1952 the Vleeschwaren Fabriek Compaxo was opened on the Schielands Hoge Zeedijk in Gouda. The growth continued steadily, turnover increased and the three sons had seven sons who all joined the business. These seven sons are the current management of Compaxo. In 1972 the abattoir in Zevenaar on the Edisonstraat was opened under the name of Compaxo Vlees (meat) BV. The abattoir has since become a big export slaughterhouse and the seven sons have a number of offspring working in the business. The traditional family succession has led to a great know how and transfer of knowledge and experience on which the current business is based.