What we do.

Compaxo Meat Ltd in Zevenaar is a pig slaughterhouse, where craftsmanship goes hand in hand with the latest technologies and sciences. The welfare of the pigs and product quality are of course paramount. Each business unit is staffed by professionally trained workers. The quality guaranty of the pigs is achieved through all animals being IKB¹ worthy. All animals are monitored continuously by external VWA² veterinarians. After slaughter, the carcasses are again individually inspected by officers of KDS³, part of the VWA. The temperature of the meat is continuously monitored by a computerized monitoring system. Further samples are tested for trichina, salmonella, listeria, and all other health issues. The cattle trucks are thoroughly cleaned and inspected in our own cleansing facility which is the most modern in Europe. Compaxo slaughter a proportion of their carcasses for national and international clients. Furthermore, the carcasses are cut into several parts and sold as hams, shoulders, necks and bellies for several European countries. Compaxo also provides the Dutch market with a wide range of meat products. Obviously, a significant proportion of the production is made ready for for Compaxo Meat Products Gouda. At the Compaxo Meat plant is also the middles deboning department and the bacon department. Since 1982, Compaxo exports a significant proportion of the UK bacon market. This includes Scottish and Irish customers of course. Compaxo Bacon has been sold throughout the United Kingdom for many years, so that in fact most English people have eaten Compaxo bacon. With its own water purification, climate and energy control is Compaxo Meat Ltd a company that complies to all current requirements in the areas of energy, waste and hygiene. Compaxo Meat delivers made to measure products and distribution: the customer is king.